Thames TV: Looks Familiar With Denis Norden- Diana Dors, Larry Grayson & Farley Granger: From 1982


Source: Thames TV– Farley Granger, Larry Grayson & Diana Dors, on Looks Familiar in 1982

Source: The New Democrat

Speaking of Hollywood parties which is what they’re talking about here, there was a famous Hollywood party involving Diana Dors and her then husband Dennis Hamilton, who sort of acted as Diana’s agent back in the 1950s. Diana Dors and actor Rod Steiger, worked in the Hollywood movie The Unholy Wife from 1956 and her husband Dennis and Teasy-Weasy Raymond ( no joke, that’s the real name ) put together a launch party for The Unholy Wife at Raymond’s Hollywood home in 1956. A lot of great Hollywood people were there including Doris Day, Lana Turner, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ginger Rogers, and many others, as well as Diana Dors who was just getting her start in Hollywood.


Source: IOffer– English Muffin Diana Dors, this is your life 

Source: Wikipedia: Diana Dors- In The Unholy Wife

It was very crowded around the pool and Diana and her husband and others, got pushed in the pool. Hamilton not being the ready for prime-time player that he was, the man wasn’t even a Hollywood agent and was sort of Hollywood’s version of an assistant tennis pro who survived only on his ability to get wealthy women like Diana to help him and take care of him. The man was a career amateur who thought more of himself than he ever was, gets up out of the pool and decks a photographer that was covering this scene. Hamilton and his adorable gorgeous wife Diana, naturally are kicked out of the party and by all intents and purposes are kicked out of Hollywood.


Source: IOffer– English Muffin Diana Dors, this is your life 

But Diana goes back to England and is pretty much never heard from again in Hollywood, which was fine with her but a huge loss for the American movie and entertainment audience that would’ve loved to have her working her for the next 30 plus years. Because she really was a great entertainer and not just great to look at. A helluva actress, who was very funny and was a very good singer as well, but other than Richard Dawson had a bad habit of marrying men who couldn’t take care of themselves and were very needy and lacking in ability and needed her to take care of them.

Who knows, had Diana left her husband with a babysitter and went to the party by herself that night, that scene with her and others getting dumped in the pool accidentally might have still happened, the difference being that Diana was a pro and grownup ( unlike her husband Dennis Hamilton ) and would’ve handled it professionally and got out of the water and there would’ve been people there to help her dry off and sent to a bedroom to change and everything else and life would’ve moved on and perhaps Diana Dors has a great career in Hollywood, instead of a very short but memorable career. But this is one of those things that we;ll just never know.

Thames TV: Looks Familiar With Dennis Norden- Diana Dors, Farley Granger & Larry Grayson: From 1982

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Contra Corner: David Stockman- ‘Today’s Pathetic GOP: Talks Like Barry Goldwater, Spends Like LBJ’


Source: The Boston Globe– Mr. Conservative U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater R, Arizona. Would he be a Republican today?

Source: The New Democrat

David Stockman’s line about today’s GOP talking like Barry Goldwater, but spending like Lyndon Johnson, reminds me of Max Boot’s line from his column in The Washington Post yesterday, where he said the Republican Party use to be a conservative party with a nationalist fringe and now they’re a nationalist party with a conservative fringe. Max Boot is a conservative himself and use to be a Republican as well and he made that comment about the modern Republican Party. Well, today Barry Goldwater ( assuming he would be a Republican today ) would be part of that conservative fringe in the Republican Party that is dominated by Caucasian Nationalists, primarily Anglo-Saxon Caucasian Nationalists whose families have been in America since the 1700s for the most part.


Source: VOX News– President Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th POTUS. No longer the spender in-chief, thanks to President Donald J. Trump.

The Republican Party, has become a fringe party but not a fringe conservative party. We’re not talking about a party that wants to eliminate the safety net and blow up the New Deal and Great Society. The average Republican voter wants their Social Security, Medicare, and every other government social program and tax credit that they’re entitled to including farm subsidies and other corporate welfare. They just don’t want people who don’t look like them whose families haven’t been in America as long as in some cases are first generation Americans or immigrants themselves, who don’t come from Britain, to collect from those programs that Trump voters collect from.

As much as today’s Tea Party Trumpian Nationalist Republican Party, bashes Food Assistance and other Welfare programs, the overwhelming majority of Americans who collect from those Welfare programs come from Trump states. The Bible Belt, Great Plains, states like Kentucky, West Virginia, all states with high levels of poverty and populations who are eligible for government Welfare in order to help them survive. So when these voters bash these Welfare programs, they’re not so much bashing the programs them self, but people who don’t look like them who also collect from those programs. People from inner cities and places with high levels of poverty in urban America.

In other words, the modern Republican Party, is not a conservative party. They’re Donald Trump’s reality TV nationalist tribalist fascist party, that looks down at anyone who doesn’t look at America the way they do and share their religious and cultural values as Un-American not deserving of the same constitutional rights and privileges as people who voted for Donald Trump and still support him, who’ll defend President Trump at any cost short of going to prison .( Like in Michael Cohen’s case )

Instead of believing in fiscal responsibility and that deficits not only matter but that government is too big, the Republican Party now lives with deficits and are comfortable with size and spending of the U.S. Government, because they don’t want to cut programs that benefit Trump voters. Instead of being tough on dictators and authoritarians, President Trump and his supporters embrace them and embrace the Vladimir Putin’s of the world, because they like authoritarians and authoritarianism and are not fans of democracy. The conservative wing of the Republican Party, is not dead, but they’re on political life support and have now become the fringe wing of a national fascist Republican Party.


Source: Newsy Politics: How Donald Trump Is and Isn’t Like Barry Goldwater– Donald Trump, is no Barry Goldwater 

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Andrew Yezen: FNC Special Report- Kirsten Powers: ‘Charles Krauthammer Knows He’s a Neoconservative’


Source: Andrew Yezen– Then Fox News political analyst, Kirsten Powers

.Source: The New Democrat

I first came across Kirsten Powers who was once a columnist for The Daily Beast and political analyst for Fox News, ( one of like 3 Liberals at Fox News ) when I saw her book in 2014-15 about fascism arguing how the Left ( Far-Left, really ) is killing free speech in America. And she argues and I agree with her on this that free speech is a liberal value and I would argue that free speech are Liberals number one value, perhaps even higher than right to privacy and equal rights. She’s now a columnist for USA Today and I read her column in the late summer of 2015 when Donald Trump was just running for President at that point and she argued that Trump is an Evangelical scam artist. That is pretty close to the literal title of that column and I agree with her on that as well.


Source: Fox News Insider– Kirsten Powers vs. Charles Krauthammer

Kirsten Powers, is now a political analyst over at CNN and still a columnist for USA Today and she is a Liberal, but not in the sense that you may believe Liberals are supposed to be and this is what Liberals believe in. In other words, she’s not a Socialist in any sense and believes in things like free speech, privacy, personal choice, as well as personal responsibility, things that today’s so-called Liberals ( Socialists, really ) don’t believe in. And I like her for many reasons and one of them as you see in this video is that she’s very tough and expects to be able to make her points and arguments and doesn’t have much if any tolerance for rude interruptions, especially when two people try to speak over her. She’s also ver witty and she’s so adorable and yet grown up as well and is just very easy to listen to because she’s so sharp, witty, and adorable, as well as beautiful all at the same time.


Source: The Blaze– Kirsten Powers vs. Charles Krauthammer

Kirsten Powers, even though it took her a while to get there, definition of Neoconservative is pretty good. “Someone who is very hawkish on foreign policy and national security and believes in using American military force to advance democracy around the world.” And yes, Neoconservatives gave us the 2003 Iraq War because they wanted democracy to come to Iraq. And as it turns out weapons of mass destruction, was really just an excuse for sending America to war in Iraq. The real Neoconservative objective here was to eliminate the Saddam Hussein Regime and replace it with an American friendly democratic government and state.


Source: Fox News– Then Fox News political analyst, Kirsten Powers

Kirsten Powers, also made another good point here when she says that Charles Krauthammer knows he’s a Neocon. Krauthammer is one of the fathers of the American modern neoconservative movement. Former Progressive Democrats who are very hawkish on foreign policy and national security. They’re still progressive on economic policy as far as what they believe that government should do as it relates to the economy and helping people in need help themselves and believe in things like the New Deal and Great Society, but that the safety net should just be there for people who truly need it and aren’t Social Democrats or Democratic Socialists ( people like Bernie Sanders ) who believe that public social insurance programs should be universal.

It’s weird to see Charles Krauthammer denying his neoconservatism and that he’s a Neoconservative, because again Krauthammer is one of the original Neoconservatives in America. But it was also great to see Kirsten Powers call him out on that just flatly say that he knows he’s a Neoconservative. She literally called ( excuse my language ) bullshit on him and did it on national TV.

My simple definition of a Neoconservative is someone who is a right-wing Progressive. Someone who is not anti-government and believes in the safety net and a basic regulatory state and things like equal rights, but who isn’t a Social Democrat and puts real limits on what government should try to do for people and is very hawkish on national security, foreign policy, and law enforcement. What they were talking about in this segment, had to do with Neoconservatives as it related to national security and foreign affairs, but there’s a broader political philosophy to neoconservatism.

Andrew Yezen: FNC Special Report- ‘Kirsten Powers: Charles Krauthammer Knows He’s a Neoconservative’

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Super Cousins: The Facts Of Life- Jo & Blair: Hot N Cold


Source: Super Cousins– Jo & Blair, best friends?

Source: The New Democrat

How do you describe the relationship of two young women which is what Blair Warner ( played by Lisa Whelchel ) and Jo Polniaczek ( played by Nancy McKeon ) were on The Facts of Life, going to high school at Eastland and then going to college together at Langley, how do you describe a relationship between two young women who on the outside you would almost have to think that these two women hate each other and yet it’s hard to see a time or point when they would ever be separated.


Source: Karen Tusim– Jo & Blair, cold?

If you’re familiar with the movie Who’s Afraid of Virginian Woolf with Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor, they played a married couple who’ve been married a long time and they have two guest’s over during the movie and Dick and Liz are always arguing with each other in the movie. With the second couple noticing all of this and thinking they should go because their hosts are obviously fighting and arguing and would perhaps would like to be left alone. With Dick & Liz saying, “you don’t have to go because this is how we normally communicate with each other.”


Source: Fan Pop– Jo & Blair, best friends?

I sort of look at Blair Warner and Jo Polnicczek as a married couple who’ve been together let’s say 30 years and perhaps haven’t been married that long and know each other so well and know each other’s weaknesses and strengths and then represent the opposite of what the other stands for and believes in and know how to exploit that and yet would always be the first one to help or comfort the other when the other is in trouble and going through a rough time.

As hard as this is to believe for anyone who is not a hardcore fan of The Facts of Life and just watches casually, Blair and Jo really were best friends on the show. I think they were really the only great and true friend that the other had on the show. Even though they were always riding each other on the show. They were the first to back up the other when someone was giving one of them a hard time, to to offer advice when they were going through a rough time. Generally critical advice and pointing out their flaws while at the same time offering them advice in how to improve.

You can claim you hate someone all you want, but you don’t try to prevent someone you claim to hate or act like you hate from making the biggest mistake in their life. Like dropping out of high school to marry a man who isn’t even a junior officer in the U.S. Navy and not an officer at all, who is also AWOL ( absent without leave ) but that is exactly what Blair did for Jo when Jo decided that she wanted to drop out of Eastland to marry her Navy boyfriend. And that is just one example of Blair and Jo coming to the rescue of the other.

The Facts of Life was a great show and I believe the best sitcom at least about Generation X. At least the best show about that generation growing up and what life was like back in the 1980s as a youngster and teenager, but without Blair and Jo and I would argue without Lisa Whelchel and Nancy McKeon, and Mrs. Garrett ( played by Charlotte Rae ) keeping the crew together perhaps especially Blair and Jo, it’s a good show but not a great show.

Those two women and perhaps Mrs. Garrett as well, brought people to show and to watch it. Sort of like a great soap opera where you have two great rivals on that show and people tune in every week or day to see what they might do to each other, Blair and Jo and I would argue Lisa Whelchel and Nancy McKeon just by themselves put people in the seats every week ( to use a sports analogy ) or had them tuning in every week to see what they would do next and what they would do to each other next.

Super Cousins: The Facts Of Life- Joe & Blair: Hot N Cold

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Storm: Dallas- J.R. Ewing’s Best Quotes: Featuring Larry Hagman


Source: Storm– The great Larry Hagman, as J.R. Ewing on Dallas 

Source: The New Democrat Plus

Have you ever met a wiseass, perhaps asshole even in the jerk sense and not someone who consistently speaks, out of their rear let’s say, but who just isn’t a nice person who has a real rough streak and perhaps temper, but is so good at putting people and things down, perhaps even yourself that you almost have to give him credit for it? Similar to sports teams that are playing against anther team who has this incredibly great players who makes all of these incredible plays to hurt and beat you, that you almost feel like cheering and celebrating when he makes one of those great plays against you. Well, that is what J.R. Ewing ( played by the great Larry Hagman ) represents to me.


Source: Taigan McCauley– Larry Hagman, as J.R. Ewing on Dallas 

J.R. Ewing, wasn’t a good guy and perhaps even a bad guy, perhaps not a criminal, but someone who at the very least would stretch the laws and rules to benefit. ( Similar to how a current President acts now and has during his entire career ) J.R. wasn’t an evil man and he did generally love his family, including his kids, younger bother Bobby ( played by Patrick Duffy ) his parents and perhaps even some of his wives. J.R. had more wives than a lot of Mormons or Saudi men and probably didn’t marry any of them including Sue Ellen ( played by the great Linda Gray ) because he loved those women. But similar to a Hollywood marriage to advance his career and saw marriage as a business opportunity.But was someone who would do just about anything to advance his career, including blackmail or hitting someone to rough up one of his competitors.


Source: Melissa Owens– Oil man J.R. Ewing, played by Larry Hagman on Dallas

That great line that Sue Ellen had about her husband J.R., where they were talking about horses and J.R sarcastically saying that a guy who is about to run a horsing stable knows which end of the horse is which, the front and back let’s say and Sue Ellen with the great line saying, “we all know which end of the horse you are.” Sue Ellen calling her husband a horses ass in public without out using those two words. J.R. was a horses ass, but he was so damn good at it that you had to respect, if not admire him for it.Because he had such a quick and sharp wit and would use humor to communicate how he felt about people and situations, to put people and situations in their places.

The J.R. Ewing line about the truth is in the eye of the beholder, obviously not something that J.R. coined or came up with himself, but an intelligent way of saying that the truth is relative. ( Again, does that remind you of any POTUS? ) If you’re someone with the business background of a J.R. Ewing who was born a rich man with his own store of silver spoons with most of those being stuck in his mouth to the point that they were falling out, you don’t learn unless you have great parents what’s it’s like to earn a living and earn a great living, because so much was given to you early on in life and you probably believe that life is easy. J.R. Ewing, was interested in expanding the wealth that he was born with, knowing he would never have to create something for himself and would step on anyone who got in his way. The truth was never his concern, but what was believable that could help him, whether it’s truthful or not.

Bobby Ewing, was supposed to be the rich businessman with morals, who wouldn’t screw people over just to advance his career, out screw women to do that ( ha, ha ) unlike his older brother J.R., but Bobby could be very tough when it came to protecting himself and his family, including his wife and kids. With J.R. sort of being the devil in this family and the anti-Bobby who saw business as a zero sum game with nothing but winners and losers. “You either destroy your competitors, or they’ll destroy you,” which is sort of the J.R. Ewing business handbook. Which is why I believe this relationship and brotherly love even worked so well on Dallas, because they counteracted each other and held each other in check.

Storm: Dallas- J.R. Ewing’s Best Quotes

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C-SPAN: Q&A With Brian Lamb- Charles Krauthammer: April 22nd, 2005


Source: C-SPAN– Brian Lamb, interviewing Charles Krauthammer in 2005

Source: The New Democrat

I could just start with the first couple minutes of this interview on Charles Krauthammer’s comment on positive liberty versus negative liberty, because this is one issue where I agree with Krauthammer as a Liberal myself who believes in negative liberty over positive liberty and make that this whole piece. But I saw this interview last week when C-SPAN replayed it and there are a few other things I would like to talk about well like right-wing Progressives, which I believe Krauthammer was one and get into that as well.


Source: The Truthseeker– Charles Krauthammer quote

As far as positive liberty versus negative liberty: positive liberties are things that government are supposed to provide for the people that they promise, when a political party that believes in positive liberty over negative liberty comes into power. Which is basically the freedom for people to not have to make decisions for themselves and not take control over their own lives. Not have to decide how to finance their kids education and where to send them to school. Choose which hospital to go to and send their kids. Not have to decide where to get their health insurance, because government would provide that for them. Not to have to plan their own retirement, because government will take care of that for them. Things that Socialists both democratic and communistic believe in.


Source: WFAA-TV– Charles Krauthammer quote 

What Charles Krauthammer described as negative liberty, is probably the same definition that former Senator Barry Goldwater from Arizona ( Mr. Conservative ) would give for negative liberty, which is the right to be left alone from government short of hurting innocent people with what they’re doing. That goes for both economic as well as personal freedom. The right for people to make their own financial decisions like with health care, health insurance, education, retirement, starting their own business and making their own business decisions. Just as long as they personally pay for their own decisions and take personal responsibility for their own decisions.

But that negative liberty also covers personal decisions and personal freedom as well. Again, to go back to the right to be left alone short of hurting innocent people with what they’re doing. If romantic couples want to live together and even have kids together before they’re married, that’s their business. If adults want to smoke and posses marijuana, that’s their business. If they want to gamble their own money, that’s their business. If they want to image in pornographic activities and watch and read porn themselves, that’s their business. And these are just a few examples, just as long as they’re not forcing their personal adult activities onto minors or even adults that choose not to engage in them.

The main different between supporters of positive liberty which tend to be Socialists both democratic and otherwise, versus supporters of negative liberty which are Liberals, ( Classical Liberals, if you prefer ) and Conservative-Libertarians has to do with the right to be left alone short of hurting innocent people with what they’re doing. Socialists, tend not to believe in risk and investment, unless of course it’s government that’s doing the investing and tend to see freedom as the freedom to make mistakes. Liberals and Conservative-Libertarians, view risk and private investment, as the necessary tools and resources to have a truly free society.

Like I said, I could’ve made this whole piece about positive liberty versus negative liberty, but there was one other aspect here about Charles Krauthammer that I would like to get into as well which is his definition of Neoconservative people who I call right-wing Progressives, not former Liberals, but right-wing Progressives. The Nelson Rockefeller’s, George Romney’s, Newt Gingrich’s, of the world, people like Representative Paul Ryan today before he became Speaker of the House. And I know right-wing Progressive sounds crazy sort of like how a Libertarian-Communist would or even Libertarian-Socialist would sound in today’s crazy American politics, but I’ll explain what I mean by that.

According to popular American political and political pop culture, a Progressive today is essentially a statist, both democratic and communistic. Someone who believes in the state ( meaning government ) over everything else and that it’s the job of government to manage people’s lives for them and that there is a big government solution to solve everyone’s problems for them. And to get back to one of my points about positive liberty, that freedom to too risky and is dangerous and you need big government to limit individual freedom so everyone in society is taken care of. But that is not what Progressives are what progressivism is about.

The best and easiest definition of Progressive, is someone who believes in creating progress through government action, but through limited government action. That government can’t do everything for people, but needs to be there to help people are struggling get onto their own feet. With things like temporary financial assistance and a broader safety net, but who wants to use that safety net to help people get on their own feet and become economically self-sufficient and free. With things like education, job training, job placement into good jobs, infrastructure and encouraging economic development into low-income community with large populations of low-income and low-educated people.

You have the right-wing Progressives that I’ve already mentioned and then you have left-wing Progressives who again aren’t Socialists and who also puts real limits on what government should try to do for the people. Left-wing Progressives like former President Barack Obama, who believed government could be used to help people and empower people to be able to take control of their own lives. And people like former President’s Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, Franklin Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt. Center-Left Progressives, who believed in positive government to empower people who are struggling to take control over their own lives.

Charles Krauthammer was a Progressive, but on the Center-Right a Center-Right Progressive, people who would be called Neoconservatives today. People who are very hawkish when it comes to national security and law enforcement and don’t tend to trust international organizations like the United Nations and international rule of law. Who even believe in what’s called America First, but who aren’t Nationalists, but people who believe that America should step in whenever they believe is necessary even by themselves, to protect innocent people from authoritarian regimes and to remove those regimes so democracy can takeover. The 2003 Iraq War, perfect example of that.

But, Neoconservatives are not anti-government even when it relates to the economy and tend to believe in commonsense regulations, a safety net for people who truly need it that encourages work and self-sufficiency. So Neoconservatives tend to support the American safety net like the New Deal and Great Society, but who again are very hawkish when it comes to national security and law enforcement and tend to not believe in civil liberties for suspected criminals and terrorists.

I’m just as sad as anyone else who didn’t personally know Charles Krauthammer, but who respected him even though I tend to disagree with him especially on foreign affairs and national security, because he was really sharp and honest. Wasn’t a political hack for anyone who just defended someone just because they were a Democrat or Republican, but instead spoke his mind and told people what he thinks and believes regardless of who and how to may have benefited or hurt someone.

Charles Krauthammer was brilliant at using humor to make his political arguments to point out the stupidity in American politics and government. He was a breath of fresh air in an American political culture that’s dominated by polluted air like FNC and MSNBC, that is only in the business to back their side and try to destroy the other side. And he’ll be missed indefinitely, especially by people who simply just want to know what’s going and what people think about, instead of how the news can be used to hurt or benefit one side or the other.

C-SPAN: Q&A With Brian Lamb- Charles Krauthammer: April 22nd, 2005

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What Show R U Watching: The Facts of Life- Blair Warner Tribute: Perfect Isn’t Easy


Source: What Show R U Watching– Blair & Jo, on The Facts of Life

Source: The New Democrat

Blair Warner ( played by Lisa Whelchel ) on her gorgeous, adorable baby-face, comes off as someone who looks down on people who drive Mercedes instead of Rolls Royces and owns one vacation home, instead of at least two, as people who are poor. As a very snobby, self-centered, narcissistic person, who looks down at middle class and even upper middle class people which is most of the students at the Eastland School where all these girls went. And that for anyone at this school or who comes across there, that it’s their honor to just be in her presence. But if you’re familiar with the cliches you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, or appearances can be deceiving, you know those cliches could’ve been written for Blair Warner.


Source: Zeta Boards– Lisa Whelchel, as Blair Warner on The Facts of Life

All the snobby, selfish, self-centered, narcissistic characteristics about Blair Warner, are true. Except for perhaps the selfish characteristic. If you’re familiar with The Facts of Life, you know that Blair is a very caring and feeling person, who would’ve given her right arm to save Jo Polniaczek ( her arch-rival on the show ) and if you watch these two characters on that show, you might get the slight impression that they hate each other.

Especially Jo ( played by Nancy McKeon ) because Blair represents everything that Jo hates, because Blair wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but with a collection of silver spoons for each vacation home that the Warner Family owns. And has been given everything that she’s ever wanted materialistically, while Joe comes from a broken home with her father being in prison and her mother working 2-3 jobs just to able to support herself and her daughter.

On the surface, Blair Warner looks like a goddess princess, perhaps the Queen of the Goddesses from Paradise World, who couldn’t do anything wrong even if she tried or even wanted to and yet is a very adorable sweetheart who is always interested in what people around her are going through and tries to help others whenever she can and perhaps even especially Joe, even though they seem to hate each other on the show.

And yet Blair goes through the same issues that middle class and even upper middle class teenagers go through. Including self-doubt and knowing if they’re good enough. Her parents get divorced on the show and her parents send her to Eastland at least partially to get away from her. Her father rarely if ever visits her on the show. Her mother seems more interested in starting a new life, than visiting her daughter at Eastland. Blair gets caught plagiarizing a poem, things that happen to middle class students and people struggling just to get by in school all the time. Blair seems to be perfect and yet is never able to find that one guy on this show even while they’re in and out of college.

Blair goes through experiences that most if not all teenagers perhaps especially girls go through, in their adolescence. Things that happen to middle class kids all the time and yet Blair with her background and ability to get just about anything that she ever wants at any given time, goes through the same struggles and pains that everyone else goes through and is in need of the name support system that we all need. Which are people around us to support us when we’re going through the rough waters of life not sure if we’re going to make it through or not.

Blair Warner is my favorite character on The Facts of Life, not because she comes from a wealthy family and seems perfect on the outside. Yes, she’s this gorgeous, baby-face adorable princess, with the personality and body to match and if anything is overly adorable and comes off as a little girl in many cases and if you look at Lisa Whelchel 30-40 years later today, she doesn’t look much if any older. She still has that gorgeous baby-face and can still come off as a big little girl. But what I really love about this character is that she’s real and honest. There’s a real person and human inside of that goddess appearance that goes through the same struggles that almost every other middle class American goes through, especially when they’re growing up.

What Show R U Watching: Blair Warner Tribute- Perfect Isn’t Easy

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