Abu Wadee: Video: HBO’s Newsroom, “Why America is Not the Greatest Country in the World”


I actually really disagree with the Will McAvoy character here played by Jeff Daniels. And as far as this scene, I would’ve been more impressed if the people saying America is the greatest country could do that in more than one word. As McAvoy said most of the world now lives under some type of system that promotes freedom at least in their own country. But what this show did was brought out a couple of people to essentially represent FOX News Tea Party talking points.

America is the greatest country in the world and I’ll tell you why and it could be summed up in one word with freedom being the perfect word. Whenever there’s a crisis or huge problem economic or militarily or some natural disaster, they turn to us and Americans taxpayers bail people out around the world that is going through some crisis that the country at issue and in many cases is a Democratic country with a private economy, but can’t handle by themselves. Greece and Italy with the IMF financial bailouts are perfect examples of that.

The world doesn’t turn to Canada or Britain or Australia or France or Japan or any other country with a large developed economy, when there’s some huge militarily or financial crisis around the world. They come to America and expect our taxpayers to bail them out of their own problems. You won’t find another that is our size or anywhere close to it that has our living standards across the board or even comes close. Brazil is the closest country to our size that it is Democratic and has something that looks like a developed economy and they are still officially a developing country if not third world.

You don’t see poor people trying to escape their poor country or an authoritarian country and risk their lives to try come to Australia or Canada or Japan or Britain or Sweden or France. At least not in the numbers that they come to America. Why, for one thing those other countries probably won’t take them. If you are familiar with Europe, you know they are losing people, not adding to their populations. And a big part of that has to do with their lack of immigration to their states. And another one has to do with the fact their economies aren’t doing well right now and haven’t been for about fifteen-years now. Germany would be an exception to that.

As much as today’s so-called Progressives like to put down America and say how bad of a country that we are and we are bad at this and that and we should be like someone else and of course Sweden is always their first choice, you don’t see them making a run for the border to Canada or emigrating to Britain or Sweden, countries that all speak English at least as a second language. And by the way, comparing America to Sweden is like comparing Florida with Vermont. You know, it just doesn’t work, two completely different states with different populations, cultures, lifestyle, economies and politics.

America is not the greatest country in the world because we have the largest economy or military. And besides one of the reasons why we have the largest military in the world, because our taxpayers are responsible for the national defense of developed countries like Canada and in Europe that are more than economically capable of paying for their own national defense. We are the greatest country in the world because of our opportunity and potential for the most people possible to live in freedom in a developed free society and for what we stand for. Which is and there’s that one word again, freedom and freedom for all and responsibility for all as well.


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